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Flat Die Making Solutions
The new fully automated SDS EasyBender S1 steel rule bending machine precisely cuts
(straight and miter with bevel support), bends, and notches 2 and 3 point rule up to 1.25″ high.
Punches – no problem!
Rotary Die Making Solutions
Using no-notch curved serrated rule, our proprietary software
can add relief notches automatically or manually.
Laser die board cutting solutions
Our RF CO2 SLAB lasers deliver consistent top to bottom kerf
with very low energy and maintenance costs.
Channel Letter Bending Solutions
ChannelBenders are the fastest, most reliable, and most precise
automated channel letter bending machines available.
Conventional Channel Letter Solutions
For a more traditional approach to sign making,
Easy ChannelBender is our lowest cost, complete solution.
Trimless® Channel Letter Solutions
LetterForm® & LiquiForm®,
our Trimless channel letter solutions that eliminate
the labor and material required for the trim cap process.
Sign Making Laser Solutions
Our RF CO2 SLAB lasers deliver speed and consistent kerf
with very low energy and maintenance costs.
Brazz Specialties, Inc. wanted to up their game
Here's what they did.
We strive for the best
Tech Support – here's how.
  • The future of sign making, here today.
    The SDS ChannelBender Series of channel letter bending machines are the best machines available in terms of precision, speed and reliability.
    Channel Letter Benders
    Super ChannelBender XP, Super ChannelBender, Easy ChannelBender, Eco ChannelBender, ChannelBender XD
    5 Models
    Fast, accurate benders for Trimless and Conventional channel letter fabrication
  • Changing the way the world makes dies.
    In 1996, the EasyBender from SDS changed the way the world made dies by automating the die bending process with a Patented bending mechanism.
    22 Years
    Die Making Leadership
    6 Models
    4 – flat bending, 2 – rotary bending