LTF 1713-orange


The Penta LTF is capable of cutting a wide range of materials, steel, plastics, Rayform, and traditional birch and maple dieboard, while simultaneously maintaining the excellent dimensional accuracy required by the steel rule die industry. Utilizing ball screw movement and a CO2 Blade RF laser, it delivers consistent top to bottom kerf, manufacturing the highest quality warp and burn resistant dieboard.

The Penta LTF Model includes:

  • An RF CO2 laser source with 750W or 850W power
  • Ball screw movement for long life and excellent accuracy
  • High-performance brushless servo motors
  • Windows-powered control software with Smart Manager 3 user interface
  • Focusing head adjustable within 80mm from work table
  • Fully interlocked safety enclosure
  • Exceptional stability and repeatability in both the long and short run
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low energy and maintenance costs

Remote technical support is included through your internet connection.