Combined Flat and Rotary Laser System

The Penta Combo Dieboard Lasers were designed to meet your most exacting dieboard burning tasks. Integrating the OF 2515 Flat and the OFRL Compact Rotary machines with the same resonator results in a Penta Combo Flat and Rotary dieboard laser system. AdamsTech offers a SLAB Rofin laser resonator with power levels from 1000 to 3000 watts. All Penta machines are European quality manufactured in Italy with full CE conformity.

The SMART AXIS CNC Controller, compatible with the most widely used data formats, ensures an ultra-stable beam of light. It has the ability to adjust both focus and cutting speed depending on the direction of the cut, while at the same time compensating for variations and grain in the dieboard.

The Moving Bed, Fixed Beam Design, a precise system of axis-dependent height and speed control, consistently produces uniform kerf width and the cleanest cut edges for the highest quality dieboards.