Versatile and Reliable Rule Bending

Fast, accurate, and reliable, the new fully automated SDS EasyBender® NS2 steel rule processor / bender precisely cuts (straight and miter with bevel support), bends, and notches steel rule. Its patented bending mechanism and single linear process produce one or 100 pieces of rule that fit the die the first time, every time.

EasyBender NS2 is available in models that can process and bend 1.5, 2, 3, and 4-point rule, up to 2″ high. Incorporating the same reliable design that has become the diemaking industry standard, it features the latest software and a sophisticated new cabinet design.

Patented adjustable height notching, cutting and mitering tools, and inline nicking and broaching are just a few of its advanced features.

The EasyBender NS2 steel rule processor can be customized with a multitude of options, including additional tooling modules, nick grinding unit, and custom punches. Get the most advanced features and the shortest return on your investment with EasyBender NS2 from AdamsTech.