EasyBender TITAN

Finally, an EasyBender® for heavy duty rule.

The EasyBender TITAN automated steel rule bending machine notches, cuts, miters, and bends 3pt and 4pt rule from 2″ to 4″ height. Featuring a servo-controlled grip feed system for precision, a robust hydraulic cutting system for strength, and our patented and proven bending mechanism, EasyBender Titan produces the most accurate and fully closed bent pieces possible on an automated bending machine.
EasyBender TITAN is the newest addition to our line of EasyBender automated rule benders for diemaking, offering diemakers the capability to produce fully finished pieces for heavy-duty high rule dies, from 2″ up to 4″ in 3pt and 4pt rule thicknesses. Now diemakers can fully automate the process of manufacturing their foam and thermoform steel rule dies.