Odyssey logoThanks to IADD & FSEA for organizing another great show and to all who attended. It’s not often a company has the opportunity to introduce a great new product, not to mention two new products, but three is unheard of. Such was our good fortune for this year’s show, as we introduced three new bending machines, the EasyBender Titan, EasyBender NS2 Plus and the EasyBender R-Pro.

Needless to say, our staff has been working overtime to come up with these three great new products and we hope that you had a chance to see them at the show. We also had products from our partner, Delta Diemaking, on hand including the RBR rubber cutter and LGT router. If you missed the show, follow the links above for more information and don’t forget, you can see these anytime in our California showroom in Irvine. Just drop us a line to set up an appointment.