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SDS Automation

SDS/AdamsTech is now SDS Automation. Things will look a little different on our websites too, as we have combined our two sites into one new website, www.sdsautomation.com. It’s our hope that these changes will ultimately improve communication and the service we provide our customers in both the Die Making and Sign Making industries. If you want to know more about this change you can read more here.

SDS Automation – A History of Innovation

For over 20 years, SDS and AdamsTech have been manufacturing and servicing automated metal bending machines. We started in the die making business as the inventors and original patent holders of a very precise and fast bending technology, which we used in our EasyBender® line of steel rule benders. Later, we took that same technology and used it in the sign making industry in our ChannelBender® line of channel letter benders. The SDS AdamsTech partnership started in 1996, and for the past 22 years we’ve regularly challenged the status quo through innovation and updates to our products. Knowing we would never be content to simply develop and market “me too” products, we have focused on identifying and inventing real solutions that have revolutionized both of the industries we serve.

The ChannelBender® series, our line of automated channel letter benders, are the fastest, most reliable, and precise automated sign making machines available. Whether you’re making conventional letters or opting for the cleaner look of Trimless® channel letters, you won’t find a better machine for the job. LetterForm®, our proprietary aluminum return material, has literally changed the face of sign making by eliminating the need for conventional plastic and aluminum trim cap. This unique return material allows sign makers to fabricate Trimless® channel letters quickly and efficiently, whether it be face-lit, back-lit or halo.

Our commitment doesn’t stop with offering great machines. SDS Automation remains committed to offering the very best service and support in the die- and sign-making industries. With regional service offices in New York, Missouri, Washington and California, we cover every time zone, just in case you need an on-site visit. Fortunately, over 80% of all tech support calls can be handled over the phone and through our remote login service.