What do you get for the price of a new machine?

Pricing for all our machines is “turnkey”, meaning that everything needed to become operational is included, the cost of the machine, installation, training and a full two-year parts and labor warranty, including software updates and lifetime remote diagnostics and support*, which enables instant technical support and virtually eliminates the need for on-site technical support visits. Home base for our sales, phone & remote support and parts and materials inventory is Boulder, Colorado. We have technicians based in many locations around the United States so that someone is always nearby for the less than 16% of service calls that actually require a technician’s visit.

* some restrictions may apply

Who do we get parts from?
SDS Automation provides parts for all machines that we sell. We have a full inventory of parts for our SDS machines in the US at our Boulder, CO and Irvine, CA facilities.
Who do we call for tech support?
Call our main number, 303.798.7110, and tell us who you are and explain what’s going on or use the following link to send an email.