service officesSDS Automation strives to have the very best service and support infrastructure in this industry. Based right here in the USA, our headquarters, replacement parts inventory, and showroom are located in Boulder, Colorado and Irvine, California, respectively. We also have regional service offices in California, Colorado, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Washington covering every time zone. See map. Our company’s ongoing mission is to develop and find innovative solutions that allow our customers to maximize the productivity, quality, and profitability of their die- and sign-making businesses.

When you need support, you want it now! We understand that, so in an effort to make that happen, we use TeamViewer, the choice for 90% of the Fortune 500 companies who offer remote support. With it, we can remotely troubleshoot and correct most of the issues you may encounter with your machine, saving time and money by getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. You won’t need support often, but if you do, we’re ready and only a phone call away.

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Tech Support’s main number is 303.798.7110

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