ChannelBender XD

More Power, Bigger Letters with .080″ Aluminum

SDS Automation continues to lead the way in automated channel letter fabrication with the introduction of the new ChannelBender® XD. The XD (extra duty) is the first and only bender capable of automatically bending .080” aluminum, which is primarily used for very large channel letters. Until now, the automatic processing of .080” aluminum has only been a dream (and manual processing, a nightmare) so we are very proud to make this dream a reality for our customers.

The ChannelBender XD will process aluminum returns from .032”-.080” in thickness and will flange and broach letters from 1.5”-8.5” in depth. The power and precision of the ChannelBender XD makes fabricating traditional and reverse channel letters in aluminum coil up to .080” thickness quick and easy.