Stitches Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Rubber, Plastics and more…

Bring the benefits of superior machine fastening performance to your channel letter assembly operations. ChannelStitcher creates its own industrial strength staple from coiled wire and rapidly staples the channel letter back to the flange. The labor savings is substantial when using wire stitching vs. other attachment methods.

ChannelStitcher’s benefits include:

  • Works with aluminum composite materials (ACM) like Dibond. Clinchers cannot function with ACM.
  • No tab size limitation. Clinchers require 5/16” minimum tab size which prevents fastening along radius bends
  • Works well with aluminum up to .080″ in thickness. Clinchers produce notoriously weak connections in thicker materials

Compared to:

Riveting – stitching eliminates pre-drilling and costly rivets

Spot Welding – stitching is 2-3 times faster and eliminates pre-cleaning, warping and “blow through”

Gluing – stitching produces no fumes, requires no cleaning and costs much less than adhesive