Super ChannelBender XP


The Super ChannelBender® XP is the next generation of our Super ChannelBender, adding hydraulic punching* to the long list of features (see other features) that make the Super ChannelBender XP even more SUPER. The purpose of adding an inline punching function is to eliminate the need to come back after the return has been bent, to manually add holes for weeping moisture or affixing screws/rivets. This not only saves time, but significantly increases accuracy and efficiency to the process of channel letter fabrication.

*Patent Pending

Other features of the Super XP include:

  • Flanged or reverse channel letters from 1-8″ deep
  • Processes .026″ to .063″ Aluminum
  • Brass, bronze & stainless (depending on thickness)
  • Processes our Trimless® LetterForm® return material
  • Patented broaching of all listed materials, resulting in sharp, very precise angled bends which allows forming of intricate shapes, including ¼” serifs, previously thought impossible