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LiquiForm is designed to deliver another unique solution within our Trimless series of materials and processes. This UL-approved, proprietary resin process allows for the fabrication of low-profile channel letters as shallow as ¾” while still delivering outstanding illumination characteristics.

LiquiForm Training

SDS Automation offers our customers comprehensive training on how to fabricate gorgeous, eye-catching letters using this revolutionary process. LiquiForm gives sign companies who use our machines yet another powerful, versatile tool to design and build truly distinctive signage, ideal for interior applications. Since LiquiForm training and materials are only offered to our equipment customers, SDS Automation gives them a distinct edge over their competitors.

LiquiForm Endview Illustration

LiquiForm Perspective Illustration

LetterForm® Joins

These are our recommendations for joining your returns:

  • Use a bridge extending a minimum of 2″ on both sides of the join.
  • The bridge should span the full height between the ribs to minimize light leakage.
  • You should use structural adhesive to glue the bridge to the return.
  • The bridge should be reinforced with four rivets.  Using only two rivets may allow the join to twist.
  • If you join at the corners, all of the same applies, but your bridge will be angled 90 degrees.


Trimless® LiquiForm® letters must be limited in size and weight due to the characteristics of the material. Structural integrity can vary due to climate, temperature, surface area, and overall perimeter of the letter. SDS makes no definitive recommendation regarding maximum letter height or weight. Users may wish to consider not exceeding 12-14″ in height when fabricating letters with LiquiForm coil. Each user is responsible for performing an independent structural integrity evaluation for each application.